This establishment initially traded as A.A Rana and Company and opened it’s doors in 1923.

As a result of many areas in the CDB not being zoned for Indian commercial purposes, they then had to seek permission from the ministers to acquire land to build a market site. As a result of the apartheid era, the Indian Businessman suffered many setbacks but despite all the obstacles this company rose from the ashes of a fire that gutted the entire site in 1973. As a direct result of them establishing many subsidiary companies, A.A Rana fell away to give rise to the holding company “JOE’S CURIOS”. It is run presently by the fourth generation of the Rana family. Owing mainly to the pride, perseverance and dedication , this business has thrived into one recognised internationally.

All jewellery is hand made and designed by highly skilled jewellers working exclusively for Joe’s Curios.